Propeller Communications

Propeller Communications is a full-service digital marketing agency in the healthcare space. The company provides high quality digital development, creative, video production, animation, account/project services and instructional design. Charles Flax, the founder, had grown the company organically and was seeking a strategic investor that would provide additional resources to meet growth projections and diversify the company’s customer base. One of Mr. Flax’s key goals was that his staff would have the opport unity to continue in their positions at Propeller after a transaction. Rockland conducted a controlled auction to a select group of potential investors and advised Mr. Flax in every step of the process. After considering proposals from a number of interested investors, Propeller partnered with Health Unlimited, the US division of London-based Creston plc.

I had very precise criteria for an investor that would partner with me and my staff to boost Propeller’s growth. Matthew and Bob understood my concerns and only approached potential partners that made sense. Retaining Rockland allowed me to focus on running the business during this intense process. Matt and Bob led the charge – there was no quit in the team. I have recommended them to others and would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Charles Flax – President and Owner